FAQ (Frequently asked questions) on the revised Syllabus of New CA Course

  FAQs in respect of Revised Syllabus of Education and Training Q1: Under the Revised Syllabus, what is the terminology for all the three levels? Ans: The three levels will now be called as Foundation, Intermediate, and Final in place of earlier levels i.e. Common Proficiency Course (CPC), Intermediate (Integrated Proficiency Competence) Course and Final. […]


Following are the simple tips for more to score in CA: Before You Start & Before You Conclude Each Answer Before You Start – Write a Heading to each answer EXAMPLE 1: If the question is “What are the provisions to be complied with in Buy-Back of Securities, in the case of a listed company?” […]

best cs classes in pune agrawal classes
Best CS professional classes in Pune,Maharashtra,India

A student is admitted to the Professional Programme only after a minimum period of 9 months after passing CS Executive examination. A candidate who has passed the Professional Examination of the Institute is required to possess the practical experience and undergo the practical training. The objectives of training are to apprise the students with the […]

Common Habits of the Topper Students

People who top professional exams like CA, CS, CMA always have plans and strategies. They also armor themselves with certain common habits and traits which give them an edge over others. It’s important to clarify that this present generation of ours is extremely hard working and sincere with our studies and career. So “beta, you […]

Top 3 Professional Courses to do after 12th in India

In this article, we will check out some top courses that 12th passed Commerce stream students may do after passing the 12th board examination. However, a Science student can also do this course. I’ve listed Professional courses here. Course duration details also have been provided in the article. If you are a Commerce stream student, […]

Three motivation theories for success in CA Course
The 3 Theories every CA Students should know for Success in CA Course

This article has three theory namely  Theory of sacrifice, Theory of Fear and Theory of Pain. Read the aspect carefully. I hope it may help you a lot. Please give your suggestions.The level of comfort with you now will prevent you to success ..Theory of sacrifice All the CA students who want to be qualified […]

The 7 steps to pass CA-CPT: Must read for Chartered Accountant Students

Tips for passing CPT December 2016 (share it to help others ) Here, I have given 7 most important tips for CPT Exam. Kindly consider cracking CPT in the first shot. 1) Most IMP: Remember you will have to get at least 30% in all subject, so till the last attempt, generally CPT students were […]

Inspiring Success Stories of CA Students- Believe me, you are born to win

Failure is the highway to success. Tom Watson said, “If you want to succeed, double your failure rate.” If you study history, you will find that all stories of success are also stories of great failures. But people don’t see the failures. They only see one side of the picture and they say that person […]

STUDY TIPS  FOR CA and CS STUDENTS- A must read for success in Professional Course

STUDY TIPS  FOR CA and CS STUDENTS– A must read for success in Professional Course Here are the tips:- Be good to yourself. Keep physically fit and rested. Attitude is all-important. Use positive affirmations: “I can pass.” Provide your own psychological edge, be it a positive attitude or a “lucky pen.” Be a chronic enthusiast! Used textbooks may […]

I will be a Chartered Accountant : CA student is composition of a Compassionate, Cheerful, and Cool Aspirant.

10 quotes for Chartered Accountants, Aspirants, Message to CA  students!   From the Balance sheet of humanity to the Profit & Loss account of emotions, I am all in good books. I am a Chartered Accountant. Happiness is. Starting your study with 3 principles of accounting, then your profession, with 3 principles of life. CHALLENGE […]