• Prof Suraj Tatiya is a very young and dynamic faculty blessed with exceptional comminication skills.
  • His strong Analytical and logical Approach towards the subject, makes student know the embeded deep feelings Mathematics and Economics.
  • Rather than making students mug up formulae, he provides derivation of every single formulain the class and thus focuses on Smart Learning rather against Mechanical Approach
  • He is best known amongst students for providing  FEELINGS of difficult Mathematical concepts
  • Indicative of his strong Mathematical background and past records , he show cases his subject so strongly in the class that students Understand, Learn, and Memorize the subject in the class itself.
  • His consize , up to date notes and CHART format of learning, leaves students with handy tools for revisionand recaptulation.
  • Being a vivacious reader and having a beautiful Mind is what differentiates him from the rest.