CA Guru Gupta
He is qualified as a chartered accountant and has completed his diploma in Computer Application (DCA) where I scored A-Grade i.e, 75% He scored 70 marks in Information Technology at CA-IPCC level and scored 72 marks in ISCA at CA-Final Level. He has gained high experience of more than 3 years in the most technical subject like Info tech (CA-IPCC),Information System Control and Audit (CA-Final) and now assuring you for obtaining exemption in subject called Information technology and system audit (at CS-Final). A person who scored exemption in the subject, can only direct you that “how to get exemptions” in the subject. His previous student scored 72 marks in ISCA at CA-Final level. He stood Ist highest in PUNE and 2ndhighest in INDIA in ISCA subject where Ist ranker of CA-Final only scored 40+ marks in ISCA. Join expert for subject like ITSA, who has mastery in that subject. Though this subject is secondary as compared to other subject, still it gives you another 100 marks which can be a game changer. His presentation skills, writing skills, guidance as to how to write the ITSA paper, conducting 4-5 test series, diagrammatic presentation, bird’s eye view concept, animations etc. will help you to understand the subject logically and in-depth. Student’s general problem is that when they read ITSA subject, they understood the concept somehow but they unable to reproduce the terminology in writing. “So where are you going my friends, the best solution is available here i.e, ACA. DCA. Guru Gupta.” who can assist you in a best possible manner. His believe in this subject is that “this subject has capability to help you in becoming a ranker or make you failure horribly.” It depends upon you how you learn technology.Technology se khelne ka hunar seekhna hai……. to fir der kis baat ki …aa jao…we are waiting for you my friends.