10 Secrets For Success In CA Foundation

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You are want to give a CA Foundation Exam. The one which is replacing the Common Proficiency Test. This is the new journey to pursue the most reputed course in Commerce and also the toughest.  CA are only authorized to audit the Financial Statement. Starting your journey to being a part of this course.

Remember “SUCCESS DOES NOT Depend On RESULTS, IT Depends On EFFORTS. BEING THE BEST IS NOT IMPORTANT but DOING THE BEST IS IMPORTANT”. For a successful CA Journey, you have to work hard. This is your passion and does not matter what the circumstances are or will be, you will clear CA Foundation for sure.

CA is one of the toughest courses but doesn’t take a tension friend, difficult and easy is all your perception.  Believe yourself. Today we are sharing with you some success mantras that are followed by toppers in CA Examinations. You will definitely clear this exam if you follow this routine. We can only give you a path. you are the one who can implement this. And if you are all set and want to score high in CA Foundation this time then don’t forget to read How to Prepare for CA CPT Exam in 30 Days? 

1.Plan your Study:

Planning is the most important part of the study. Until you don’t plan your study properly, you will not be able to complete your syllabus even on the last day of your exam. Try to make an effective plan which you can definitely follow. But the execution of this plan is more important and difficult task. No matter how much you will suffer, the only focus on your success.

2.Understand things:

Understand the things are much more important than learning. While understanding you has clear all the concept. It is beneficial for exam time. You can recall instantly at the time of paper.

3. Take short breaks:

If you study continuously, it will directly be effected on your mind. You get frustrated, so give short break to yourself while study. Refresh your body as well as mind and get ready to start preparation again.

 4.Set Goals:

Dear friends, always remember one thing in your life is that Set A Goal”, be focus about your target. To achieve your target start doing hard work. Setting Target will definitely help you in achieving a goal

5.Start with the topic which scares you most:

Friends, there is always one or more topic which scares you most. But we also know that is very much important. So, we suggest you instead of starting them at the last, learn those topics at the start. This helps to boost your confidence that your major scared part is completed. And now, it is the beginning of the easiest part.

6. Stay away from phone, television or internet:

What are some basic things which always distract you from your study? Try to strictly go away from them.

7.Review the things:

The first step is Learning the things & second revision. Always remember that you will perform only the part which you revised before the exam. If you do not revise the things regularly, then it will wash from your brain.  So, Pick a day for a week to revise all the all the topics which you studied during the week or even before.

8. Prepare your own Notes:

Do not depend only on the coaching material. The best material is your own notes. Prepare your short handwritten notes and revise them thoroughly.

9. Practice mock test :

The best way to analyze yourself is by doing the mock test or you can also go through the past attempt papers. These will help you avoid the silly mistakes in the exam or making proper time management,

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10. Take the Proper diet and Sleep:

Guys, if you want to study effectively, proper sleep and proper diet are the essences. If you compromise in the diet or sleep, your effective hours will reduce. So, not to face such a problem take at least minimum 6 hours sleep in a day and have a proper diet.


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