Articleship In BIG 4 – CA-IPCC, CS-Executive and CMA-Inter passed students

After passing group 1 of IPCC or both group of IPCC or students who have opt for direct entry scheme after completing their graduation basis.The first and foremost question that comes to the mind of student who search for articleship is “Which firm to choose ? Whether to go for Big 4 or not ?” and in a hurry of choosing articleship at good place many of us take a wrong decision and we regret the whole of your life due to such decision.

So here are some Advantages of going for Big 4s…..

For the better understanding of students, following are counted in Big 4s

Articles in Big 4

                                                                                                                                                                                                    EY ( ERNST YOUNG ), PWC ( Price Water House Coper Limited ), KPMG and Deloitte.

These four are very Reputed firms in field of CA’s. It is acceptable that its really difficult to get selected in these firms because of their very strict selection procedures. But once you get selected in such firm, your entire life will get change. There are many things which are to share with all of you. So lets start. . .

Advantages of being in BIG 4′s.

1. Immense level of knowledge

By working as a article with big 4’s you become specialized in the area that you have chosen. They provide you the best of the knowledge that they can. During your articleship time you will become master of such field that you have chosen. You will be given maximum knowledge related to your area that you have choose .

2. Biggest Clients

Another advantage of BIG 4’s is that they provide you an opportunity to work on big clients.When you will come across big clients at that time you will realize how professionally they works and their behavior. During your articleship time you will have lots of contact with so many professional person working there which can help you in future that can be for employment purpose also.

3. Training to Articles by Big 4’s

Once you selected in any of the BIG 4’s you will be also provided various kind of training related to your body language, corporate speaking style, personality. Some of Big 4’s also providing training on computer softwares like Tally 9.0 ERP, Quick books and some software which helpful for Audit.

4. Touch to professional life

Most vital part of being with BIG4’s is that you will learn each and every aspect of being professional. While working with such professional you will learn a lot including How to behave, eat, speak and when to speak and when not too.!

5. Stipend

It is acceptable truth that at a learning stage stipend is not an important aspect. and our Institute has framed rules for stipend to articles which is not sufficient even for mobile bill and travelling expenses. BIG 4’s provide maximum stipend to an article assistant.

6. After becoming C.A.

After becoming C.A. if you mentioned in your resume that you have done your articleship from any BIG 4’s it will impress your recruiter. You will be given an opportunity to work with such BIG 4’s where you joined as an article assistant.They will give you priority over other newly qualified C.A’s and obviously with higher pay rate.

” ” Success is the result of perfection, hard work learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence ” “

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