Avoid These Mistakes during CA CS CMA Exam

Why most of the students not passed in professional exams. According to the experts if you are during any of these courses like CA CS CMA then as a student you should not do following mistakes in Exams.

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1. Don’t Underestimate Yourself:

Always believe in yourself. Whatever you prepare for the exam be always confident and positive for that and don’t go with what has happened in the past or the previous exam.

2. Don’t Force yourself Mentally or Physically:

A fresh mind and health fitness are very important for 3hours examination period, it needs to be more attentive and confident. So remember don’t strain yourself too much both physically and mentally before and during the examination time.

3. Don’t Discuss or compare your performance with your friends:

We think this is the expert suggest after your exam don’t discuss or compare with the friends but analysis yourself after writing the exam.

4. Don’t Ignore Sleep and Diet:

Always remember Perfect sleep and healthy diet is very important before the exam. You have good sleep at least for 5 hours and also have a good timely diet.

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 5. Avoid Rumours:

Many of the students discuss different sort of rumors it results they can’t focus on studies like Timetable changes, question paper pattern changes, IMP questions etc.before or after the exam but our suggestion is that don’t yield your ears to such rumors. And apart from that if you have any queries you can directly visit the official website of ICAI.

 6. Avoid late entry into the examination hall:

Always reach at examination hall before 15 minutes so you will get enough time in searching for your registration number. Hearing all the important instruction carefully, making yourself comfortable and remove all the stress before the exam.

7. Don’t carry any kind of stationery without checked earlier Like pens, pencils:

Always check the quality of this stationery before the exam.

8. Don’t start writing immediately:

In the examination hall after you get the question and answer sheet takes a sufficient time to check whether the papers in the answer books are neat, stapled, ruled lines are drawn properly, number of pages etc.

9. Don’t leave compulsory questions unanswered:

If there is a rule on the question paper “all the answers are compulsory” then make sure don’t leave the particular question unanswered.

10. Don’t waste time on remembering the answers:

If you struck with any question then don’t waste your too much time to remembering it, leave some space and start other question. Whenever you remember the answers you can complete it.

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 11. Don’t Ignore the Instruction on the question paper:

Please read all the instruction which is mention in the question paper and act accordingly.

12. Don’t use too much marker:

It is good to highlight an important point but doesn’t use it too much because it may not be liked by the examiner. Use only light colors while highlighting.

 13. Don’t be careless while tying the tag to the extra answer sheet:

If in case you required additional sheet then don’t forget to tie the tag properly and also cross check the same at the time.

14. Don’t take stress after you come out of the exam hall:

Don’t take stress after the exam and get into a discussion with friends on the answers to each and every question. Only go at home start fresh and focus on the next exam.

15. Even after failures stay positive:

If you fail in the exam don’t blame yourself. So don’t lose hopes in case of negative result just believe in yourself.

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