Avoid These Mistakes When you are Selecting CA Coaching Institute

First of all, Congratulation to that student s who have cleared CA exam in the first attempt but do you know why some students failed in CA examination more than 3 times even after putting lots of efforts and times so in such cases they either blame their ICAI or their luck.

We think that luck is just a term and one term can’t decide our capability to become a Chartered Accountant.

Today, we want to share some reason with all the students which clearing you why students facing more attempts in CA examination?

According to experts to become the chartered accountant you need to get proper guidance under the expert’s guidance nobody can stop you to achieve your success.

1. If you choose the wrong Guidance you need to face failure in CA Exam.

Yes, It is the most important thing not only in CA, in every filed you need to get proper and correct guidance this is the main reason behind the failure of thousands of students. Correct strategy and hard work is the combination of success.

Teachers give you the perfect way to reach your goals because they know your hard work and under the correct guidance you will never have to face failure.

But if you are planning to start your CA career without any guidance or coach so I think it is too difficult for you.

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2. Choose low fee Structure

Many times student select those institute who have low fee structure or near to their premise which results in their multiple attempts. But do you know saving some money or traveling efforts can take your next 6 months and also reduce your package size? Because some companies also prefer those students who pass out in first or second attempts.

Many of the institutes have their special offers for CA student like,” one subject is free with two”… But if you select such kind of offers may be you need to deal with failure in future.

3.Well Time and Proper Coaching:

Many of the students spend their lots of time in the coaching institute even in the last month of the exam but you need to practice every think what you have read. So your coaching must have completed on the time means at least 2 months before your exam.

Every student should have select best coaching Institute who has complete their syllabus on the time and give the student time to revise it.

4.Important of Mock Test Papers:

The mock test is very important for CA students but every student is busy reading and gaining every concept no one is interested to attempt questions. We are sure that these tests will give you the necessary practice, confidence and be learning to help you avoid mistakes in the exam. This simple practice test let them know which subject or topic required more revision and which is very beneficial to them at the time of the exam.

So the student should have selected those institutes which conduct mock test paper while completing the course.

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 5. Listen to Success Stories of Toppers:

Develop your mindset only for positive things. When you are doing something different like CA you have to be ready to face many negative things like,”CA is very tough or It is hard to clear in many attempts”.so You will take advice only form CA toppers and successful persons. Listen to only those people who actually cleared this exam as they can guide you in the right direction.

As per our complete details you need to practice hard to avoid wrong attempts in the exam.



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