Best Classes for CA-CPT in Pune Maharashtra

CA-CPT classes in Pune-“Agrawal classes

There are many institutes and coaching centers who are really doing well at giving the best educational help for CA CPT exam.But “Agrawal classes in Pune”, provides the best environment for a student.

Agrawal Classes are best known amongst their students for the innovative ways of teaching, where learning is given more importance than just studying. We offer a lot of innovative schemes to motivate students to learn how to crack CA-CPT exam with ease and excel in an exam. We provide the best environment to learn the different innovative ideas to excel in an exam. Agrawal Classes also very well known for trusted and best coaching institute for  CA-CPT examination. Students aiming for excel in CPT exam and CA. We help students to achieve their goals. Agrawal classes is a leading CA CPT classes in Pune. We are well known among students for the most efficient strategy to crack  CA CPT exam. We cover actual CA-CPT questions, mock tests, CA-CPT level exams so that students are well prepared well for the exam.

Why join Agrawal classes??               

They literally have the one of the best teaching faculty in Pune. Their teachers know their stuff & also have a good rapport with their students. One good thing about them is that they teach right from scratch and if a student’s basics are weak, they ensure he/she gets the desired attention. Their mocks and practice test will give you a feel of CA-CPT & you’ll also get the confidence to face the exam.

They will provide with everything you need to excel in CA-CPT exam. But, you will also have to work hard on your part and follow what’s being taught in class. The bottom line is that “if you don’t work hard, then even the best of resources will be a waste.”

Why this is the best for CA-CPT Classes in Pune Maharashtra

  • Comprehensive coverage of varieties of questions (Practical and theoretical)
  • Providing printed notes on all the subjects, well prepared by experienced faculties.
  • We are proud to say that we are the no 1 in India in terms of giving results of various courses at all levels.
  • Enrolment of limited number of students in each batch
  • Classroom discussion and participation.
  • Special techniques on “How to solve practical problems”
  • Special classes on theoretical topics
  • Revision of every topic of each subject.
  • Permission to attend more than one batch on every subject till the examination without any extra fees.
  • Flexible timing
  • Free test series for all the subjects and comprehensive feedback to each and every student Availability of separate and focused interaction with students missing out the classes because of universities exams and other contingencies

About practice MCQs –

  • 8000+ Hand Picked MCQ’s
  • Learn from your mistakes also – we also provide reasons for why incorrect options are incorrect.
  • Graded in 3 Levels Easy, Medium, Hard
  • Solve Easy to build logics
  • Solve Medium to Test Knowledge
  • Solve Hard to Master Exam
  • Pinpointed Topic Wise Practice
  • Quickly Revise all Chapters
  • Mark Important MCQ’s

Learn more about CPT Course and how to join agrawal Classes at this link


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