CA Final Revision Strategy/Tips

Students, Only one month remaining to your final exam and you are confused about how to revise all subjects just in a one month or how to do a  CA Final preparation strategy. Don’t be worry about your worst position and now nothing could be impossible.  There are still so many students who haven’t completed their course yet, so you are too much lucky that you have completed the course at least and now it’s time for revision and preparation. Give your 100%, give the best for a final exam.

For clear CA Final exams, you have to  Study plan, you must revise, again and again, at least three times before the exams and practice a lot of questions to gain perfect knowledge. But if you have a sharp brain one-time revision is enough for you. It’s time for hard work don’t make lazy to yourself. Our recommendation is that you had to study 15 hours daily. Give your full dedication to complete your dream.

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CA Final Preparation Strategy for Last One Month

Here we are going to tell you how to utilize our time and clear CA Final in just one month –

Make A Schedule

To utilize your time very perfect manner. Make a timetable, give them equal time for all subjects leaving at least 3 days for the first paper. Otherwise, you can Divide the time according to your capability. Don’t prepare a Timetable according to the days. Instead, you should allocate hours to each topic in a day, This is one of the best strategies for the last month. You should take 2 – 3 subjects per day and set a time to complete your goal. Most important thinks locate time to practice as well as theory subject.

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Prepare At least One Subject for Exemption

Students, it is natural that everyone has weak in one subject in which we just pray to score 40% minimum marks. You have to prepare one subject just to covers your aggregate marks.

Make the Short Notes

You should start to make quick revision notes. Prepare your own handwritten notes for the exam in order to revise. Short notes are very important at the time of Exam.

Cover RTP and MTP

Students must cover RTP and MTP as soon as complete all the subject. Actually, it is a part of your revision. It will demonstrate to you a genuine picture of how to attempt paper. Try not to hold up to finish every one of the subjects and from that point begin RTP and MTP. Rather, you should cover RTP in the meantime. It doesn’t require your much investment as it covers it is possible that one or barely two inquiries from every section. You can pick MTP at the last. 

Don’t stick to theory for the Entire Day

You can always cut time on theory subjects and watch Revision videos posted on YouTube by some teachers. They are good, also they cover amendments. You can do this to save time or use the time allotted for theory subjects for practical subjects

Must Cover AS, IND AS, and SA

It is an exceptionally scoring part of Accounting and Auditing. AS IND AS and SA are easy but difficult to complete the paper in less. Other than this, they are exceptionally scoring however never compose the wrong number of AS, IND AS and SA. In the event that you can’t review such number, begin with the name as it were.

Cover Relevant Part First

We do not suggest you go for selective study but as time is very short so it’s better to cover the important topics first. Prepare those topics of all the subjects that might be chances to come in the question paper.

Writing Skills

It is an important part of CA Exams Don’t take it lightly, it is helpful to get marks. In an exam, most of all are theoretical subjects so you need to focus on your handwriting.

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We hope these tips are useful and wish you all the best for your Exams.


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