CA Students – Ready for Reinvent in 2019?

Are you ready to aspire to unleash the fullest potential of yourself to become one of the finest “Chartered Accountant”?

I think it’s a thundering YES!!

But tell me – Are you consciously work upon to upgrade ourselves every year?

Well – In this Year does provide an excellent opportunity for deep reflection and upgrading yourself into a newer version of ourselves. Do you want to this golden opportunity?

Let’s start the process of Reinvent.

  • Discovering your purpose
  • Identify areas which will be an improvement by reflecting the last year performance
  • Hand-craft your next year
  • Create your own “Declaration Manifesto”


Discovering your purpose:

The first and the most important question that you need to ask yourself is “Why I want to become – “The Chartered Accountant?” Is it only for a good paycheck or it’s much more beyond that?

Just think…

The purpose will give you positive energy. If you don’t have a clear purpose, you will lack to destroy the obstacles that come in your path of earning two powerful letters “CA” before your name.

Want to know, how can you find my purpose?

Ask the following question to yourself.

1.How will it make them feel?

2. What will CA provide me?

3. How will I feel when I become CA?

4. What kind of transformation shall happen within me in the process of becoming the “Chartered Accountant”?

5. What will CA provide my family?


Identify areas which will be an improvement by reflecting the last year performance:

I observed that most of the CA students repeating the same mistakes in every attempt.

you know what? One common thing which is happened with the world successful people– “they all made horrible and numerous mistakes like you”. But the difference is they learned from that lessons and transformed themselves.

It’s cool to make mistakes. Nothing is wrong about it. You are a human being, not machine right? The problem is that you fail to learn from it. So, learn from your mistake & don’t repeat it again and again.

Hand-craft your next year:

Every successful company set for every year. They may achieve 70% or 100% of it but they do set goals. You are the driver of your own life. In this year set the goal for achieving it.

Use the following discovery questions to create fresh goals and actions for the next year

1. What would I like to accomplish by the end of next year?

2. What kind of skills do I need to develop to accomplish those goals?

Create your own “Declaration Manifesto”:

Declaration Manifesto is the summary of those learnings for your daily activity. It is a powerful summary of promises, realizations, and goals that you set for yourself.

Example of Declarations

1. I declare I will belive on myself.

2. I declare to focus my every breath only one goal to be “The Chartered Accountant”.

3. I declare to wake up at 5 am for study, no matter what time I sleep.

Follow this declaration continues. Repetition of your declarations helps you to achieve this year goals. We hope this article will help you in a whole year.

Thank you!







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