Can An Average Student Also Become CA ?

Generally, it is said that Professional courses like CA, MBA, B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA can be done only by brilliant students.

Because they have extra mind as compare to average students/poor students, they have extra concentration power, they know how to plan, and they know how to write for professional courses etc. 

Do you agree with this statement? Can an average student not do  CA.

Obviously, an average student can also do CA. But he needs some extra qualification, extra effort. The extra effort that makes him perfect.

Even ICAI give chance to the average students/poor students, that’s why they conduct Entrance exam CPT / CA Foundation so that an average student can also enter for CA if he has the caliber to do.

CA CPT ( Foundation) is the first stage to start the career in CA and in my opinion, CA CPT ( Foundation) is not tough as compared to another entrance exam like CAT, PMT, and AIEEE. And an average student can easily clear CPT / CA Foundation after little effort. Actually, this is the stage when a student starts dreaming about CA, as he has completed half of CA. But actually this is only a preliminary stage; even I should say its a starting of preliminary stage. And my friend Dream never fulfills a dream; if you want to fulfill your dreams then stop dreaming. Mere dost Sapno se Kabhi Sapne sach Nhi hote; agar sapne pure karne hai to sapne dekna chhod do

The main game starts with IPCC ( Intermediate). A genius student who has some god gifted qualities can easily clear IPCC by proper planning, proper preparation, and proper effort. But it does not happen with Average students/Poor students. They need to earn qualities, yes you have to earn it and you can earn it. Believe in yourself. Believe in God. Sometimes it happens that you are a man of qualities but you don’t know how to utilize these qualities. Recognise your qualities. I have seen lots of students who were average in their higher secondary exam. They scored just near about 45% and they cleared CA in one attempt. Actually, you need to enhance the quality that you already have.


What is the reason that after clear CPT / CA Foundation in the first attempt, the student generally takes 2 to 3 attempts to pass IPCC? They think that after CPT / CA Foundation  they are perfect for CA. But CA demands something more than perfectness. If they couldn’t clear IPCC even after 2 to 3 attempts, they think that CA is not for them, let’s try some other courses. Actually, this situation of mind is called mind of wind flow. Means jeha hawa chali bas wahi bah gye jidhar lahar jaa rehi hai bas wahi behte chale jaa rehe hai. No my friends, Go and fight with the wave. Go and fight with all people who criticise you that you cannot do CA. Go and fight to your fate and say loudly no I can also do CA. So what, if God has not provided you with some extra mind to memorize the things. So what, if God has not provided you with resources like rich students. So what, if God has not provided you strength like a genius student. But two things that no one can give you and no one can seize from you. i.e. Your WILL POWER and DEDICATION TO YOUR COURSE. And if you succeed to furnish these qualities in your life then you will see no one can stop you to become a CA.



If you are not being able to cope with your course, then no need to blame others, no need to blame your family that they didn’t agree, no need to blame ICAI that they didn’t check well. You are own responsibility for your failure. It’s your fault and just accept it (Actually acceptance of fault is the best quality that enhances our personality and that makes us different than others). Try again and again. You will succeed if you are dedicated to your course and if you have a willpower, no one can stop you. Why you cannot do such things, while before admission you promised yourself even to your family that you have a caliber and you can clear CA, then what happened; where is your willpower? Where is your dedication to course? Actually, it’s your fault that you couldn’t maintain your commitments. There is something wrong with you, you have to find them, then try again, never give up. KYUNKI MERE DOST AB LANKA MEIN KUD HI GYE HO TO AAG LAGA KAR HI WAPAS ANA.

Doesn’t matter you are a poor student, doesn’t matter you are an average student, you need only one thing just and just WILL POWER and DEDICATION TO THE COURSE and please not just for starting the course, maintain your willpower and dedication till the end of course.





Let’s take an example If you have been asked by someone that who is the most beautiful woman in the world? Winning Prize is Rs. 1 Lakh and you have two options A) Aishwarya Rai Bachhan and B) Katrina Kaif. What will be your answer? Of course, you will take 2-3 min. to think, what it may be?

Let’s take the same example with one additional option, now you have three options A) Aishwarya Rai Bachhan, B) Katrina Kaif and C) Your Mother. What will be your answer, of course, your answer will be My Mother. You will find, that you have answered this question within 1 second. Actually, this is dedication; you are dedicated to your parents. That’s why you see your mother as a most beautiful woman in the world. No matter if you lose one lakh rupees. With two options you were in confusion, but now with three options, you are more clear than the first one. Why? Because you know who is most precious in your life. That makes your answer best. Actually, I just want to say, you should know where should you go? Even after 5th attempt if anybody asks you, now what is your next planning your answer should be of course CA, say with confidence. This is dedication. This quality will help you to maintain your willpower till last, despite lots of hurdles in your way.


Actually, there are lots of definitions for willpower. But in one word, this is none other than Jid. Yes Hindi word Jid. Karna hai to karna hai. Doesn’t matter where, when and why? ukhad lo jisko jo ukhadna hai, mughe to bas CA banna hai.

whenever you feel lazy, whenever you feel bored, just remind your willpower, just think no I have to do, I don’t have to sleep now, so what, if I sleep late; I will not die. Obviously, if I sleep early, then, of course, I will die. Boost up yourself regularly. And one thing always keep in mind Bina mare to swarg bhi nhi milta, agar swarg pane ki ichha hai to uske liye bhi marna padta hai so what are you waiting for? Go and find your way to heaven. Forget all the things, just keep in mind, I have to become CA and no one can stop me.

If you committed that you will do Hard work, you will do good planning, you will do group discussions, you will take special coaching, these will not help you, I mean, only these things will not help you, sorry my friend these will never with you till last, after some time if you fail, you will lose your hope. And if you pass, you will be in overconfidence. And this will spoil your commitments. No, I am not criticising your commitments. I just want to say, It’s easy to make promises and commitments, but difficult to maintain it. You need to find the leader that will lead your promises and commitments till the end. i.e. Your WILL POWER and DEDICATION TO THE COURSE, they have a leadership quality, you need to first find them in your life to achieve your goal. Once you find them, then you will see that hardworking, confidence, planning, sleepless effort and above all qualities will come automatically in your life. Even you don’t need to do commitments.

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