Cleared CA Foundation. WHAT NEXT??

Congratulations to all those students who had cleared CPT examination. Because we know they have cleared the entrance test of one of the toughest course across.

After clearing this toughest exam you have face next 9 months which is another most important challenge-The CA Intermediate Exam which is next level exam of the Chartered Accountancy course.

CA Intermediate Demands Attention

The syllabus of CA intermediate is very vast to complete and also learn it required more preparation and hard work from students. Need to cover the syllabus on time or step by step. Every subject is very difficult so it takes a lot of time to complete understanding.

As such, this is the best advice for every student to start preparing for the CA intermediate as soon as the result comes without wasting any time. Take up 2 subjects at a time. Preferably,1 theory & 1 practical.

You will have a total of 9 months to prepare. So, try to complete your course in the 7 months and keep the last months for supervision.

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 CA Intermediate Exam Details:

The CA Intermediate exam is for 700 marks and it is divided into 2 Groups. The first group has 4 subjects and the second group has 3 subjects. Each subject exam is conducted on separate days with a gap of the one day in each exam.

Following are the groups & subjects in each group –:

Group I:


2. Business Law, Ethics, and Communication

  • Law [ Business Laws (30 marks) Company Law
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Communication

3. Cost Accounting and Financial Management

  •    Cost Accounting
  •     Financial Management

4. Taxation

  • Income-tax
  • Service Tax (25 marks) and VAT (25 marks)

Group II:

5.Advanced Accounting

6.Auditing and Assurance

7.Information Technology and Strategic Management

  • Information Technology
  • Strategic Management

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Every student has the option to appear in both groups or any of the group. If a candidate wants to, they can appear for both the groups of CA intermediate together and each group separately in different examinations but candidate wants to rank in the CA intermediate, so they should appear for both the groups together or not separately.

Candidates need to get minimum 40% marks in each subject and minimum 50% marks in average in the complete one group of CA intermediate exam.50% average criteria are group-wise not for both the groups combined. In each group, the candidate should be able to score at least 50% marks overall and 40% marks in the individual subject.

So don’t west your time start preparing now for CA Intermediate

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