FAQ (Frequently asked questions) on the revised Syllabus of New CA Course

FAQ (Frequently asked questions) on the revised Syllabus of New CA Course


FAQs in respect of Revised Syllabus of Education and Training

Q1: Under the Revised Syllabus, what is the terminology for all the three levels?

Ans: The three levels will now be called as Foundation, Intermediate, and Final in place of earlier levels i.e. Common Proficiency Course (CPC), Intermediate (Integrated Proficiency Competence) Course and Final.

Q2: When is the first examination going to be held at all levels under Revised Syllabus?

Ans: In may 2018.

Q3: At the point when would I be able to enlist for Foundation Course?

Ans: For registering in Foundation Course, a student must have appeared in Class 12th Examination.

Q4: I have quite recently shown up Class twelfth Examination and results are as yet anticipated, when would I be able to join the Course?

Ans: You can enroll in CPC till 30th June 2017 and can show up for CPT in Dec. 2017. In the event that you enroll after 30th June 2017, you need to obligatorily enlist in Foundation (under the Revised Scheme) and can show up for Foundation Examination in May 2018.

Q5: If I enlist in Foundation Course on first July 2017 when would I be able to show up for Foundation examination?

Ans: For showing up in Foundation Examination, an understudy more likely than not finished 4 months of the study period and have qualified class twelfth Examination. Likewise, you will have the capacity to show up in May 2018 Foundation exams.

Q6: When are the Foundation Examinations held and what is the cut-off date of enlistment in Foundation?

Ans: The Foundation Examinations will be held at the time of May and November consistently. 31st Dec. also, 30th June is the cut-off date for enrollment for being qualified to show up in May and November examinations individually covering a review time of four months.

Q7: I showed up in Class XII Examination in March-April-2017 and my XII outcome were pronounced in May 2017, Can I enroll for Foundation Course now to show up in Foundation Examination in November 2017?

Ans: You can enlist for the Foundation Course according to the Revised Scheme on or after first July 2017. The first Examination of Foundation under the Revised Scheme will be held in May 2018 Examination so you will be qualified to show up in May 2018. On the off chance that you need to enroll for CA Course now, you can do as such by enlisting for the current Common Proficiency Course (CPC) till 30th June 2017, the examination of a similar will be held in December 2017. In future, in any case, any understudy who has shown up Class XII and enrolled for Foundation course at the very latest 30th June/31st December and in the wake of qualifying Class XII Examination will be qualified to write in the particular November/May examination.


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