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As always I am on a mission to get students to take responsibility for their learning and as such I am going to use Dave Keeling’s BECOME method with my new year 8 groups on Monday.

The premise is simple to make students aware that ownership is on them to get the most out of education. I intend to give them a quiz:


My intention here is to get the students to motivate them and get them to really think about their position within school. Year 8 is constantly labelled as the “lost” year and my intention is to avoid that and instead use it to get them focus on themselves. Each question is picked up on and linked to the BECOME theory.


The BECOME theory is basically reminders for students – what they need to bring with them to each lesson. The responsibility is theirs. I have created a full classroom display next to my projector so that I can refer to this constantly throughout the course of the year.

For those not familiar with Dave Keeling’s BECOME it stands for: Bravery, Energy, Creativity, Openness, Motivation, Esteem. I have created small wallet size cards of these in the hope students will keep these with them as a reminder.



 One area that I have added to this BECOME theory is Jim Roberson’s Self Discipline theory – which is the idea that behaviour is a word that is used by adults with little ownership for th student. If discipline and self control are what is focussed on then the student knows they are fully responsible.

My aim… and I will post how this goes is to connect the idea that success comes from self discipline + motivation. They must go hand in hand.

Therefore within this lesson I have combined this theory and asked the students to consider actions and reactions within typical situations that could be mis thought through



This works well when connected with Keeling’s approach to BRAVERY. The idea that students write down what they are SUCCESSFUL at – including good listener, great at making toast etc. They keep going till they have ran out. Then they write down the things that STOP them succeeding [personally]. They can then work out how to use their strengths to counter their areas of weakness.

This can then work through to the task on the right here.



Over all the idea is to get students to take responsibility and understand that it is not JUST the teacher’s responsibility to make the learning engaging.

I will keep you all posted on how this goes down on Monday. Wish me luck.

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