How to apply accounting concept to our real life?

1. Substance over form:

If someone is doing something, don’t focus on what (form) he is doing always focus on WHY (substance) is he doing. Suppose if the teacher is scolding you in front of all students, don’t blame the teacher, analyze why is he scolding me, what will he get by scolding me. he is trying to change me, he is trying to show me the right path.

2. Matching concept:

Everybody needs to be effective however what actions are they taking to be fruitful. Are their activities legitimizing their prosperity? The appropriate response is NO. In the event that you need to accomplish what others can’t accomplish then you should do, what others would prefer not to do. Your activities/endeavors much match with the achievement/result you need to accomplish.

3. Going Concern:

Continuously think long haul. Take Career as a lifestyle. Vacation is not an exam. Try not to take it a transient objective. Your approach ought to be to make long-haul progress. so concentrate on theoretical seeing as opposed to marks. Your imprints don’t ensure achievement. However, applied understanding merits achievement. Try not to intend to simply pass an exam since genuine begins after exams.

4. Accrual:

Do what is in your hands. Don’t wait for the outcome, it has to come. You take the efforts i.e. study and work hard, you will surely get success. it will accrue by today’s effort. Study regularly. it’s never wasted. it builds over a period of time. every day counts.

Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there. Bo Jackson

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