How to Prepare for CA CPT Exam in 30 Days?


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 After completing the board exams of 12th Preparing CPT Exam is not an easy task for students. But don’t take tension because we are here to tell you some quick and simple CA CPT exam tips. As well as, how to enhance your memory and concentration power? I hope this article will be helpful for those students who want to clarify this entrance.

Students if you are brilliant in your strategy then you can make your own strategy for covering the entire syllabus and revision within 30 days, and as well as take care of your health by taking proper sleep and diet.

As we know, most of the students come from the science background and as they are totally blank about commerce, accounting, but they are also good in Mathematics and other related subjects which will help them to score sufficient marks.

Here we are going to set subjects priority so that each and every subject will get proper time to read, analyze, understand and revise as well. First, Take –


In CA CPT, this subject divides into two sections which are – General Mathematics and Statistics. However, Don’t take the stress on your mind because Math needs a peaceful mind to solve it properly. First of all focus on all the topics that you can cover from the syllabus and weight as well. Then start practicing accordingly.

Try to finish all the topics very well so that you will end with a strong feeling of clarifying. It will boost your self-confidence. For preparing well and you have to give 4-6 hours with full dedication. Then and then only you can succeed to cover all the syllabus.


Always remember this subject is to understand the concepts. If you can India’s concepts of economics, then it is very interesting to understand and score good marks. Students can read it at least 4-5 times for remembering the important points and understand it better.

Microeconomics, which is slightly tough to understand and students you have to work hard to understand the concepts. First focus on clear all concept. It is very useful to remember the theory.

However, you can easily understand while you read macroeconomics later. A well-known fact is studying, do smart work along with hard work. We assure you that, success will never far away from you.

Mercantile Law

The law is a really interesting subject so that students can easily read it quickly in one time for getting an overview of it. Then, take the points another time and start understanding the cases.  The law stuff is easily available on the internet and books due to its relation to daily lives and the circumstances.


At the last, take a book of Accounting and start at none so that you can get all the significant points with ease. If you are from a science background so first try to understand the concepts of debit and credits and equations. Accounting is not an easy subject to make a schedule of it and cover all the topics one by one.

It requires extra time and lots of effort for understanding the concepts and practice. As we know, this is a numerical portion so without practice you will never analyze your study level. After completion of 10 days, its great time for Accounting, that practice, and key concepts are little tougher than others. So, 8-9 days are sufficient for this subject and 6-8 hours in a day.

For improving the concentration power while CA CPT exam preparation, so sleeps well, eat properly diet without doing carelessness.

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We hope that the above mentioned CPT study tips will surely help you to prepare for examination good. We know One-month duration is too short for such kind of professional course, but we are sure some strategies and preparation will prevent you from lots of the troubles.

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