Important Tips to Score High In CA Final Audit And Law Exam.

CA Final exam preparation is tough except if you use proper strategy then it easy to clear. Here we share with you a quick guide to prepare for your CA final audit & Law examination.

The CA final audit paper is very important & tricky but still, you can score good marks in the audit. It can be a securable subject if you have done the right preparation and go through the right strategy. Here we are trying to cover the best method to clear audit and law exam. we are sharing a key point to score well in CA Final Audit & Law.

Points to Remember for CA Final Exam Preparation-
General Tips & Tricks
  • We very well know quite vast still If you manage concept base study then it is simple for understanding.
  • 1st you have to cover easily all small topics and score 30-40 marks with full accuracy.
  • Make a short note to cover the syllabus. (make point vise note)
  • Use your language to write an answer but stick on keywords of subjects. Keep continuity in your revision.
  • Make sure about your handwriting speed, it must during CA Final Audit & Law.

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How to write Answers
  • In Study based questions, your answer should be in two parts first is the fact of the cases and second is the relevant concept.
  • Your answers should be readable. try to make it clear.
  • If you don’t have time to write an answer, in brief, write a synopsis for the answer.
  • If you are not sure about the details like case laws and sections, in this case, avoid to mention it in your answer.
  • Try to Avoid long and descriptive answers.
  • Try to Avoid bullet in your answer because of ICAI want answers in a proper format.
  • You can use a neat diagram, a chart to make your answer more effective.
  • Underline key points in your answers.
  • The answer should in a relevant manner so you achieve a good score

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How to study in CA Audit Exam
  • You can divide the syllabus as par score of the topic and then start preparing for important topics.
  • Follow all the notes or answers which are developed by ICAI in their practice manual/revision test papers etc.
  • The topics which are important, as well as interest so, start study with it then they can pick the company audit, Audit report etc.
  • Mark the important points as well as difficult points for continuously revised them.
  • Build your proper concept with the help class’s notes.
  • Focus on simple and short topic. It can be done in a short time and it is very useful for scoring.

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You should follow the key points to score high in CA Final Audit & Law. you should be easily able to crack Audit and Law examination. give your best. Best of Luck!!!



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