Reasons Why Students are Facing Failure in CA Exam?

Most of the students face negative result in CA exam but don’t worry you can avoid this failure… you just need to some guidance for CA course. In this article we share some reasons so,  we would like to recommend all students who want to clear CA Exam read these reasons carefully that why students facing Failure in CA Exam and try to convert your negative result in positive.

1.No Proper Planning and Time Management Skills:

At the initial stage most of the students careless towards their career. They didn’t have any planning and time management for study Usually, they engaged in other activities like Marriage, birthdays, family get together, poojas parties etc. All are these completed without your involvement.

Don’t Waste your valuable Time, Because Time is money.

To achieve your success, you must carefully manage your study time on a daily, weekly.

Proper time management is really important to clear the exam in the first attempt.

Just do not take the textbook and start reading. Plan your favorite subject, your interest, have an overall feel of the Book, Chapters and their importance. 

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2.Busy in Arranging Study Plan and Time Table:

Do not waste your priceless time in asking and arranging study plan and timetable because no one going to teach you how to manage time, you need to understand your utility of time. Everyone has their own capability, strength and weakness so, plan accordingly as per your own assessments.

“All of us do not have equal talent. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.”

3. Avoid ICAI Study Material, Practice Manual, RTP

You need to refer the book or study material which is given by your Coaching centers but without ignoring the study material provided by ICAI like practice manual, RTPs, MTPs etc.

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4.Confuse Between Attempting Single Group

Most of the students get confused about to give both the groups and one group at a time. It is ok discussing with friends or taking the suggestion from others. Remember no one can understand yourself better than you.

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5.Bad Presentation Skill:

Another main reason for failure in ICAI Exams. Many of the students failed in the exam because they don’t have the proper and needed writing skills. So carefully work on your presentation skills from now otherwise after you’re so many hard works you will never realize your mistake in every attempt. 

 6.No Proper assessment & analysis

Don’t depend 100% on coaching classes, for your practice prepare your own assessment it will help you to understand the pattern of examination, Structure of exam it is also the good start to your exam preparation.

Self-analysis is also important so you can figure out that everything is going to as per your plan or not.

7.Less Guidance

       Lack of Career Guidance or wrong suggestion among CA students. It is also the main reason for the failure of CA students. Our personal advice is don’t accept anyone else’s advice. Unless the advice is coming from an expert, don’t even listen to them as it will distract you.

“True Guidance is like a small torch in a dark forest it doesn’t show everything once. But Gives enough light for the next step to be safe.”

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8.More of advice & less of its implementations

  The problem of CA students is that they listen to lots of things and motivational speech being provided by the friends, teachers, family etc. but there is more of listening and less implementation. After the listening good thoughts, you need to convert it into the action.

9.No Proper Revision

Another basic study point is that don’t allocate proper time for revision. Every student must be managing their time before the exam to revision.

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“Practice does not make perfect only perfect practice makes perfect”

 10.Tensions, Frustration:

You required more courage and deep strength to overcome the frustration when you fail an exam. You should prepare yourself for staying strong and positive in the negative situation.

Give your best at every step and don’t give up!!


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