Score 50 marks easily in Audit-CA final

Score 50 marks easily in Audit-CA final

 I would like to throw light on the preparation of a very simple paper of CA Final i.e. Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics. I have heard from many students that this is most complicated subject next to ISCA. Unfortunately, This is just a Myth. “Soch Badlo Exam ka result badly”. But frankly speaking, it isn’t. Just like every other subject, an even audit can be handled. And it can be handled very well if you follow the right preparation strategy.

As we all know Audit is a very important and tricky paper for IPCC and Final level and responsible for student’s failure sometimes. To excel in Audit proper preparation and planning is very much required to avoid failure. Further Audit is a paper which requires a practical approach towards actual Audit work. According to me while studying audit paper you should consider yourself as an auditor and analyze and comment on the situation as an auditor.

I always try to help out students those who are in difficult positions. I can feel the pain when students failed in the paper like audit where they have practical experience in article ship. The syllabus of advanced auditing is vast but it is interesting as you all have gained enough experience in article ship. ” Rest in Peace Dummy Articles”. Please do not count the total number of pages before preparing for the paper.

I would like to give some guidance on CA final Audit Paper based on my experience.

About the subject (Initial thought):

Generally, The judgment of Students. So-called tensions are given here in below:-

  • The subject is vast in syllabus and concepts and problems
  • The question paper is very uncertain.
  •  Much of Hard work is required to crack the subject.

Remedies to above tensions

  • When you will start studying, you realized that the subject is more on concepts and vast syllabus becomes quite manageable if you build a strong understanding of concepts rather simply reading it.
  • The size of the syllabus, it is quite vast in general but the syllabus prescribed by ICAI for testing in the examinations is quite less and concise than the general scope/particle experience of the subject.
  • Coming to the scope of a subject the inputs should be entirely considered from the study material (“Agrawal classes”) as well as referring to the “Agrawal class” notes and any other reference material if you feel necessary.

Some students have been made a concept that Audit is all about SAS. But there a slight difference if you have analyzed this paper properly. According to me, there are a lot of small topics which are easier and can be prepared with 100% accuracy in a short span of time. Rather than devoting timing on preparing on these said papers (and getting it half correct in exam hall), students can easily cover small topics in a short span of time (and score 40-50 marks with full accuracy).

Normally, Most of the students are facing failure in professional examination due to only theory papers. The main reason behind this is a lack of concentration in theory paper along with poor presentation and writing skills or might be poor English.

For improved presentation and writing skills, I would suggest you refer answer presented by “Agrawal classes” in their suggested answers/practice manual/revision test papers etc. Careful observation of suggested answers is very important. Along with good study focus and observation is also very important to succeed in professional examinations.

One more important thing if you are conceptually very clear and strong but not able to present it, then there is some problem indeed, which is required to be sorted out immediately. Good conceptual knowledge with good writing and presentation skill is the key to success.


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