The most effective method to Utilize “Sitting tight for results” period!



1. If you have appeared for a 1st group only:

A. In the event that your papers were not that great, you have just a single alternative to begin examining again for the following exams without sitting tight for results. Be straightforward with yourself.

B. In the event that your papers were great and you are sure to clear: Start planning for second gathering without squandering these 2 months.

C. On the off chance that you are under quandary and your fingers crossed, at that point, in any event, begin to concentrate second gathering and set up a procedure, on the off chance that you bombed at any rate you will get ready for both gatherings in next endeavor.

2. Appeared for both groups: 

A. both were good and chances are there to clear both, then start studying that part which is common in IPC and CA FINAL like AS, Amalgamation, Marginal Costing, Standards on Auditing, etc. Don’t waste your time because time is always less for CA Exams.

B. 1st group was good, 2nd was poor:
Begin reconsidering second gathering and furthermore recognize what’s the issue. on the off chance that you need to be applied clearness better join classes and begin anew and to self-study and waste your time in light of the fact that, without calculated lucidity, you can’t clear second gathering. On the off chance that you are certain of ideas to begin self-study and join test arrangement to keep a track on the review and offer focus to yourself.

C. Both were not good:

Consult your teacher where u took the classes and identify what went wrong and what are your weakness and start studying according to weakness identified. But don’t waste your 2 months. In short in all above situations, you should use 2 months. No situation can justify to wait for results and do nothing in 2 months except enjoying on fathers money.

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