Tips for CA CPT Students:Must read for Chartered Accountant Students

Here, we are given some important tips for CPT Exam. Kindly consider cracking CPT in the first shot. And also share this important tips with your friends It would be helpful to all.

1) Accounting:

Accounting is the scoring subject for CPT exam. If your account is well then your chances of cracking CPT is very high. In Accounting before starting revision of chapters/sums, first, study the whole theory of that chapter and then solve at least 1 or 2 questions from examples.

If your background is not commerce then you need t give more time on this subject. First studying the theory parts and clear concept of fundamental accounting principles of debit and credit and also learn the different accounting concept like cash book, journals, trial balance, final accounts etc.

2) Mercantile Law:

Prepare Mercantile Law thoroughly, don’t miss any topic, refer all the acts applicability date & definition. Because it was the only scoring subject after accounts. You should learn the important part of mercantile law like contract act, negotiable instrument act, the sale of goods act, partnership act and law of torts. Make all these concepts clear before the exam.

3) Economics:

 In economics 1st complete Macroeconomics then goes for macroeconomics. Macro Economics is also very scoring. Macro Economics part of it is more mark-fetching if you have made a clear conception in the theory.

4) Quantitative Aptitude (Math’s & Statistics):

 In Mathematics, first do the easy chapters which you had learned in school during 8, 9, and 10; In Statistics, don’t miss Differentiation and integration, Correlation and regression and theoretical distribution as these are the important one This subject may little difficult to you if you are not good at math. But, Statistics will be easier than math…

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5) Follow practice or Revision Method:

Practice to solving the past year question paper because this is the best way to revise your study. You can also join the reputed CA coaching institute for better guidance.

6) Study Planning or Scheduled:

Plan or scheduled your study according to your exam timetable. you can get better guidance if you join a CA coaching institute where you can take up mock tests.

7) Be confident & Hard-worker:

Last but not least study hard and do the hard work only because there is no substitute for hard work. And refer our most wanted article:: Reasons Why Students are Facing Failure in CA Exam?

8) Stay Positive:

Without having any tension, fear or stress maintain complete positivity about your success in CPT exam

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