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Now a day, most of the student use the smartphone, tablet device. This is the current lifestyle of this generation. So that here we are telling you the best apps for CA students, from which you can focus while studying.

 This is one of the easiest ways to study. Majority of the student use the mobile but did you know that there are lots of apps which could streamline your study? We have done the research on that & created our list of the top five student apps.

If you are doing CA course:- CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, CA Final then below apps is very helpful to you.

1. StayFocusd

StayFocusd is an extension of Google Chrome, it super easy to install. And, it doesn’t take much extra space on your computer. It can be used on any platform, as long as it supports Google Chrome.

Let’s discuss some Special features:

1. StayFocusd doesn’t just permit you to block certain sites and applications, but more specific items as well.


3. It has specific pages and certain pieces of content on a certain site (such as videos, games, pics, etc.) can be blocked without having to block the whole website.

4. It is totally free.

2. GoConqr

The GoConqr mobile learning app is fully synced with your web account so that you can instantly access all the resources you have created on the desktop from your mobile device. It is like having a world of knowledge at your fingertips. GoConqr is a social learning network that provides users with the tools for discovering, creating and sharing engaging learning content. So student uses it surely.

Let’s discuss some Special features:

1. Activity Dashboard

2. Calendar Management

3. Course Authoring

4. Course Catalog

5. Customizable Branding

6. Data Import/Export

7. Reporting & Statistics

3. 1Password

For any working professional, keeping a track of all the different passwords becomes impossible. For a student of Chartered Accountancy, there is often the need to save various files, documents, spreadsheets, or presentations under password protection. IF you have been using a single password for all such files, stop it now! With the 1Password app, All you need to remember is one master password and you’re good to go. The app will also help you create a strong password which isn’t ‘password’, your birthday or anniversaries. Another great feature is that the app helps you create strong passwords, which are not generic in nature.

4. HP 12c Financial Calculator (iPhone/iPad only)

There are so many of different calculator apps available but the HP 12c Financial Calculator app is voted as one of the best on the market for budding accountants and finance professionals

Let’s discuss some Special features:

1. The authentic app, developed by Hewlett Packard

2.Award-winning HP Support

3.Special “30th Anniversary edition

4.Identical layout, functions, and features as the original HP 12c Financial Calculator

5.RPN entry

6. Quickly calculate loan payments, TVM, NPV, IRR, cash flows, bonds and more

7. Keep the power of your HP 12c handy on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

 5. Financial Dictionary by Farlex

This dictionary gives you more than 26,000 business & financial definitions related to investing, banking,  financial analysis, taxes, insurances, macroeconomics and much more, all at your fingertips. Around 20,0000 of these entries are available offline, so you’re not dependent on an internet connection.

Let’s discuss some Special features:

1. Add unlimited bookmarks.

2. See search suggestions as you type

3. View your recent searches.

4. Share definitions via social networks, email, and text (with supported devices).

5. Perform advanced searches, including “Starts with,” “Ends with,” “Contains,” and “Wildcard.”


So, students, We hope this information is a help to you while doing the study.  You will get great experience  & a fantastic way of study.

Thank you!


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