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Atul Sharma

CA-CPT Jun 17 attempt

Score – 186/200

cs executive in pune
cs professional

  Rekha Suthar 

CA- CPT  in December 2015 exam

Score- 194/200

Karisma Hotwani 

CS foundation Dec 2014 attempt

cs executive classes
cs professional course in pune

Deepika patra

CS foundation June 2013 attempt     

Students feedback

  • Payal Jaiswal
  • Punam Lakhankar
  • aditya sharma
  • Akshay Mandage

" Whatever expectation I had from the classes, it turned out to be much more beneficia. For us the classes is like a places wherein the whole atmosphere is full of fun and enthusiasm.The teachers are very caring and leave knows to no stone unturned in their duties of imparting knowledge which is not only bookish but adequate enough to procure higher grades and also become street smart. This according to me an extended family where we stand all for one and one for all. I am so proud to be a part of this "

Payal Jaiswal / CS Executive

" All the teachers are punctual and polite.Whatever the target our teachers set its accomplished.Peaceful library to study with friendly teachers to clear all our doubts when asked. Peaceful library for study. Friendly teachers to clear all our doubts when asked. "

Punam Lakhankar / CS Executive

" Vikas Vohra has been an influential person with regard to academics and more over towards practical approach. His real-life practical experiences have aided us to absorb the concept thoroughly. His kind gestures and friendly relationship with student has enabled us to have a free communication. To sum up, Vikas Vohra has been an ideal teacher one should wish of. Sir, we owe you. "

aditya sharma / CS Professional

" The class makes this amazing phase of life. We are enjoying at the same time securing the career. The professors here help us put aside all hurdles by our way and help us in our studies in all manners. "

Akshay Mandage / CS Professional

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