Top Reasons Why CA is a Great Choice for Career?

The Chartered Accountancy qualification opens the door to a vast range of career opportunities, in every sector of business, Accountancy, and finance, both in Ireland and internationally. 

After school or passing the class 12th, there are many doors opens for students like MBA, Engineering, and Medical etc. but becoming a Chartered Accountant is the perfect start for your career.

Here we discover top 5 reasons why CA is the best choice for our career.

Many people ask about why to choose CA? as a career option so read this you will get the more details: Chartered Accountant salary in India

Flexibility in Profession:

If you are doing CA course then you will get more career aspect of commerce, you can switch your job role in the profession. You can start as an accountant and after the experience, you can become the next most successful entrepreneur. Some CA work as business advisory in the large organization which makes them play a pivotal role in the several businesses.AS-CA you are always welcome in all the sectors.

International Opportunities:

If you checked statistics, then out of 2 lakh alumnus of ICAL,14% is placed and also settled in foreign. Exactly like in India, in foreign markets the value and demands of CA are increased day by day so the dream of a life abroad can be true if you choose your career as CA. To begin your international career selects your career option as CA now.

If you want to become CA first read the steps carefully: Procedure to Become CA?

Advantages of Salary:

The average salary for a Chartered Accountant is around Rs 7.36 lakh per year. However, those good in business or opting multiple earning pockets draw more than the stated average salary. To state an example, The Bharti Airtel offered Rs.21.50 P.A to 2 CA students for their New Delhi Branch. The best part of CA profession is the, your salary increase year by year there is no any limit or scope to stop.

Advantages of ICAI:

If you select MBA or medical as your career option you need to choose the right college also. In the case of CA in India, there is only one reputed name is the ICAI whose low absorption rate from applicants definitely makes achieving it tough for your resume. If you take minimum attempt to complete CA course then, as per the rules of ICAI you will defiantly get the campus placement as the golden opportunity. Lastly, the course fee of CA at ICAI is very affordable for all kinds of students.

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 Articleship Training in CA Course

This training is very helpful for every student during the CA course. This Training allows this student to have directly interacted with the practical world. This training is very important for your basic knowledge like detailed accounting systematized auditing, understanding business terminologies as well as how to handle the workload, pressure.

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