Why Students fail in Exams?

This is probably the most searched/asked question, so I thought to express my views on this.

  1. Lack of Goal in Life Whatever you do daily are the small steps which we take for achieving the long-term goal. So if a student has still not decided the long-term goal, he will not realize how important is a day in his life. Each day is very important. Each day brings you near to your goal. so, the first step should be to think deep on what should be your long-term goal. then I am sure you won’t waste a single day, forget about attempts.
  2. Bad Surrounding 90% person surround themselves with people they have been in the past because of friendship or relatives, etc. they never surround themselves with people they want to become. Always have some idol. some person whom you want to be. it will help you to motivate yourself to keep doing small things daily to become the person you want to be. Unfriendly people who do not add value to your future.
  3. Social Events People too much attach themselves to Social Events. Guys, you are a teenager. you are having least responsibilities to attend the social events. You feel you are the most important person in the world. but the fact is nobody knows you. if at all some people know you, that because of your father or family person. you don’t have an individual identity.  Believe me, you can say a simple NO to all social events. It’s their work to force you to attend the event. but you have more important work i.e. to build your own Career/ Your Identity. So, my advice will be to say a BIG NO to all social events like Family Gatherings, Festivals like Diwali, Holi, Marriage of Relatives/Friends, Birthday Parties, Success Parties, College Parties, etc. Give importance to yourself more than others. They need to understand, they have joined professional courses, which needs commitment & dedication. you have to get that skills which are required to become a professional. You have to attend lecture regularly and clear all doubt if any query and read carefully the notes given from teachers. You cannot pass CA course by doing it in BCom style. The result will be same i.e. FAIL.
  4. Small Works at Home/Shop Don’t take much interest in these works. The more you will take an interest, the more work you will get. Urgent work must be done once a while. but be clear that you are not interested in these works so that they should think 10 times to give you such work. No work is such that cannot be done by others. people can manage without you. it’s a fact. To avoid these distractions. Your family will always support you in this provided you oppose this. If you are happy doing these things, they will never realize what loss it will cause to your future.
  5. Over Partying: Guys, Enjoyment is really necessary. but the question is when and how much. All successful people also have enjoyment but they know when and how much. Don’t make enjoyment the purpose of life. it’s ridiculous. You should think about the expectation of your parents towards you. There is no person in this universe who doesn’t enjoy. Everybody enjoys, but not at the expense of your career.
  6. Lack of Awareness: Many people are unaware of how much effort they must put in for the course they are pursuing. Always talk to seniors or teachers. they will help you to plan your schedule properly. Many people fail because they give efforts equal to BCom and they are appearing for CA Course. You have to match the level of efforts, for that, you must have an idea how much efforts are required. Give your 100%.
  7. Lack of Planning: Students study, no doubt about that. but the question is how they study. they study as per their convenience and not as per the requirement. you have to respect the course you are pursuing and plan your studies accordingly. Planning is a must for proper execution. If you don’t plan, you will never know how much loss you do to your career by wasting every single day. Every day counts and contributes. Always plan.
  8. Carefree Attitude: Students who have rich parents, tend to be carefree because they have options, they have no pressure from their family. It’s difficult for them to motivate themselves. They are happy to be known by their father’s identity even after marriage. they must build their own identity, even better than their family members. do something different on your own. You live only Once.
  1. Social Media (Mostly Facebook) Last but not the least. By using the social media you connect with study-related groups and Pages. We have made a Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/agrawalclass/) and page (https://www.facebook.com/agrawalclass/).You can get instant notification and updated knowledge. Only your work will make your identity and help secure your and your family’s future. Use the social media wisely.

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